Company development concept

With the gradual deepening of China's marketization, the external environment we face is changing at an accelerating rate, and competition among enterprises is increasingly intensifying. In order to continuously enhance our own strength and further improve the company's competitiveness, we have more expectations for the company's development: Quality - people take food as their heaven, and the focus of food safety is quality and safety. The company will adhere to the principle of "quality first, reputation first", and make everyone's food, so that everyone can eat with peace of mind. The company firmly believes that quality is produced by production, not by inspection. Integrity——To do things with credit, to cooperate sincerely, the company advocates the principle of honesty and deeds. Integrity is the cornerstone, honesty and trustworthiness, true in words and deeds. Follow the laws of market economy, continuously improve product quality and service quality, and strive to make customers satisfied. Innovation——Innovation is the inexhaustible driving force for enterprise development and the source of eternal vitality for the group company. The so-called environment determines the mission, the mission determines the strategy, and the strategy determines the destiny. Talent is the core of the strategy. Only by absorbing all the advanced knowledge and experience, we can adhere to the new industrialization road of driving industrialization with informatization and promoting informatization with industrialization. Only by accumulating bit by bit, continuing to innovate, and "going out, please come in", can we lead the industry trend and walk in the forefront of the industry.

Products Details

Canned Abalone,Frozen Abalone,Dried Abalone are our main products.

Which mainly export to southeast asia markets.

Abalone meat is rich, sweet and tender.

People who eat abalones say that the cost and work involved are worth it.

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